Sometimes ideas run away with me

Thursday night, 5pm

Friends: So we’re doing Jabba the Hutt for the sand sculpture event on Saturday!

Me: I should paint a cardboard cutout thing of Princess Leia to go with it, hahaha.

Friends: DO IT.


Thursday, 7pm

Java Monster: *is drunk*

Cardboard: *is aquired*

Beats Antique: *is playing*

Me: Let’s do this.

Leia drawing in charcoal

5am: *sneaks up on me*

it was late and I was tired


Friday – Saturday


supplies ready for round two of painting. Never did drink that beer...
making the base. This thing took up the whole room
getting ready to paint the base


Saturday, 10am

Leia cutout finished! Cardboard & acrylic paint. The gold bits are sparkly

My body: can we collapse now plz
Me: Bo~ring! Instead let’s dig in the sand for three hours and get really sunburned!
My body: D: D:
My brain: *is clearly missing*
Massive fun: *is had*

Sculptors hard at work. Salacious Crumb by my friend Carrie! Those feathered tufts looked awesome in the breeze
fun for all ages and species

This was ridiculously fun to do! First time working this big, first time painting figures in acrylic, very little experience making stuff out of cardboard either. Lots of trial and error, many interesting discoveries. Also the first public showing of my art! It was a big hit. Apparently it was even in the  local paper, I haven’t seen it myself yet though.

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