Swimming hole sketches

Mad River diving rock

Mad River swimming hole scenery

Spend a day at the best swimming hole on the Mad River last weekend, did these pencil sketches while I was there.  (With a lil photoshop on the first one; didn’t want to spend all day drawing.  Ignore the date on the bottom of the second one, I just realized I had the wrong month.)

Two wet crossings with an hour’s walk in between the river along a little service road, on  (probably) one of the last nice days of the summer. I half-wish I’d brought my camera, the scenery was so gorgeous. Then again, if I’d had it with me I probably wouldn’t have drawn these.

The diving rock in the first one is huge, maybe 20 feet long, full of deep holes and smooth channels carved by the river over the years. It’s not easy to see in the drawing, but there was a small straw hat on top of the rock, weighed down with stones. Made me think of Luffy from One Piece (who would never leave it behind, of course).  The second one is the view from the small beach next to that big rock.  It was the kind of thing you’d see in a Hiroshi Yoshida print, I’d love to go back and paint it someday.

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