yay back to school time!

First homework of the Fall 2013 semester!* These are for my Heads & Hands class, charcoal pencil on newsprint:



Man am I out of practice, these took a while and needed lots of corrections. Still not the best likenesses of the photos we were given, even after all that – though the second one did go better after the warmup of the first. (Or maybe because I like drawing hot guys? Yes probably that too, ha.) I forgot how much newsprint hates the harder charcoal pencils, think I’ll ditch it for the more expensive stuff from now on.

I’m making it a goal to actually post homeworks each week during the semester instead of, like, a year later the way I usually do. Let’s see how long I can keep it up!

* okay actually the first things were value scales and shaded spheres, but those are boring.