One down, 22 to go

Yul Brynner portrait

I forgot to post this back in the day. This was my final project for my Analysis of Form class – we had to reproduce an 8.5×11 photo at 18×24 inch size. It took me a while to decide on the image. I dithered between this one of Yul Brynner and one of Sendhil Ramamurthy for a while, before deciding I’d be too distracted by Sendhil’s prettiness to focus properly on the assignment. 🙂

I took frequent photos during the process while checking for accuracy, and made an animation out of them:

The helpful handtowel samurai

A little thing I did during my September 2009 trip to Japan. I was relaxing in my room after a hard day of relaxing in the various hot springs at Oodaru Spa Amagisou, drinking cold beer and chomping down sembei crackers while watching Japanese tv. There was some sort of live action & stop-motion commercial featuring this guy, in which he instructed a visiting tourist about the proper way to eat soba noodles (by dipping them in the accompanying sauce with your chopsticks). He used his toothpick sword to cut her soba. It was far too cute not to draw.

This reminds me of another commercial I saw during my stay. I think it was for Asahi beer? An adorably graying middle aged guy walking with swinging arms to the corner combini to buy his daily beer, singing about how much he loves a cold one after a day’s work (“ma-i-ni-chi ♪ ma-i-ni-chi ♪ ♪ … suki ni nattchao yo”), which the girl behind the counter mistakes as a love confession. Wish I could find it online somewhere, there was something so charming about his cheery face and little song.