thumbnail paintings

I have an ever-growing folder on my computer called “photos to paint”, full of pics I’ve taken for that purpose. Flipping through there is inspiring but a little overwhelming – where do I start?! So lately I’ve begun painting thumbnails of anything that catches my eye, quick little studies that let me play with composition and color schemes without having to commit to a full-sized painting. (Okay, full-sized for me is still pretty small, but I’m working on it.) These are all about 3 inches high and on drawing paper rather than watercolor paper, which doesn’t put up with much fussing – a good thing in this case, as it forces me to be more loose and direct.

Wherein I amuse myself with stupid puns

Hey! You! Get offa my Cloud!!

What happens when I stay up all night watching Final Fantasy Crisis Core walkthroughs on Youtube. A 3am, drawing in the dark, laughing-my-ass-off type of affair. Please excuse the lazy drawing and hasty coloring and… pretty much everything about this. (For the non-gamers in the audience: the blond dude’s name is Cloud. Yes, it’s probably still not funny to anyone but me.)